Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Called The Doc's Office For Another Fill...

As you know, I have been distressed about my weight stagnation (and even little gain) and called the doctor's office after reading your comments and a couple more bad days. I explained my situation (upcoming wedding, etc) including the fact that I ate 3000 calories worth of food yesterday (and they weren't sliders--who is able to do that after being banded? That is completely where I was before being banded, but I feel hungry all the time, have a few things going on in my life, etc. and though I know I shouldn't eat that much, if I don't have anything to stop me--willpower is getting VERY old after 10 months--what am I to do?). The receptionist told me that the absolute soonest that they would do a fill would be a month from my last one (three weeks away)--and even then they could not guarantee that I would get a fill. They said that if I have gained, he MIGHT do one because his policy is usually two months. So I am incentivized to NOT exercise then? I just can't do that. The receptionist even reminded that the band is a tool, which was annoying to hear after knowing that I have been working so hard myself (and it seems sometimes like it is all me) all these months. Again, I'm not eating a lot of sliders or junk, am not drinking empty calories since being banded, and am still exercising religiously, so how am I not trying to do my part here? Argh!!! It just makes me frustrated.

What am I eating: mainly chicken and fish. I ate eight fish fillets (good sized too) in a ROW yesterday. I had three chicken Lean Cuisine meals and one salisbury steak meal. I had a roasted chicken breast sub (foot long). I had cereal (just one bowl) and a protein bar for breakfast. I had several pieces of lunch meat (turkey) throughout the day to try to fill me up and some vegetables. I had about six regular-sized pickles (not spears) before bed. As you can see, a lot of that was protein. Shouldn't it be making me full if this thing is doing its job?

I just really want to get this weight off soon. Should it have taken 10 months to get to just a little over 30 pounds? Some people lose that (or more) in their first month out! There will be pictures before the wedding, and I need this gone for those too. I'm pretty bummed. :(


  1. Boy, thats rough that the doc's office holds over your head the fill/no fill thing. Actually it makes me frigging cross. What right do they have!! Surely you know yourself better than they do and know if you need one or not (and it sounds like you just might do.)
    I wish I knew how to help you. Maybe being (more) assertive and telling them you NEED a fill, you WANT a fill and you're not leaving until they GIVE you a fill is the way to go with these people. How much did you get put in last time? Maybe it wasn't enough.. ahh so many questions and too few answers.
    Hope you get this sorted soon. I can imagine it's really doing your head in. It would be mine :)
    Thinking of you
    Cara xx

  2. That totally sucks and is really unacceptable. Can you switch docs? Especially since you werent banded with him? Wanna go to my doc? He will fill you whenever you want...and make you feel fabulous in the process! For real. It should be all about you!

  3. That just sounds so strange, did Sherry tell you that? I came in once before my 2 months was up with no issues from them. I have never tried any other times, simply because of my drive time. Wonder if he is more strict about it with patients that he didn't band since he doesn't *know* if it was done properly?! I dunno. I'm sorry that you are having these troubles.

  4. I don't have my band yet, but at my practice, NYU Medical Center, they tell you to come once a month for a check in and perhaps a fill...that's a big difference from three months! I wouldn't like such inflexibility. Is the receptionist trained to evaluate if you need to have a fill or not? That is something for a Dr to decide!

  5. This really does suck. So sorry the band is not doing what it is supposed to do -- and that does sound like eating way too much, you must not have any restriction.

    One thing I noticed - your BMI is like 26 right? Girl, that is one point away from NORMAL weight. You are already skinny! I have to tell you I would be thrilled with a BMI of 26 - that is about my goal, actually.

    It may be your body is not thrilled with going much lower. On some weight charts you would only be about 10 pounds overweight. Once people get that close to normal, it does seem like it can take a long time to lose that last bit.

    The other thing is stress. Especially the stress of a wedding, wanting it to be perfect. I remember that. And if there is one thing I could change about my wedding, it would be to not be so stressed! I wanted my wedding to be perfect, too. Well, it wasn't. No wedding is perfect. My dad stepped on my dress walking down the aisle. A baby would not stop crying during the ceremony. The food was not being served quickly enough, etc etc. So of course I was majorly disappointed, even though the wedding was perfect for everyone else! I wish I could have been more relaxed about the whole thing.

    With the wedding on the horizon, your stress levels must be rising in a big way, and as we all know, stress = eating.

    I really hope you are able to get that fill. And I bet you already look awesome - you will be perfect to your groom no matter what!

  6. That does suck that they are being that way! you go to Dr. Nye right...I usually can talk Mark the PA at Dr. Lords office into doing whatever I think I need to a certian extent. Im sorry that they are just being difficult and I would say try switching to Dr. Friedman where Amy goes I here he is great and listens to his paitents needs because with what you say you are eating is crazy and yes its deffinatly time for a fill! Good Luck! and keep us posted!

  7. I'm late to this party but I also would ask what is driving this eating so much-- how much is physical hunger and how much is psychological hunger and can you sort the 2 things out.
    Can you use some strategies you would have used before you had the band to stop eating-- instead of hoping or expecting the band will help you right now?

    As Gen says, since you are close to a very normal weight level (at 26 BMI, I doubt that even any doctor in her right mind would force you to lose weight...) you may be 'spitting into the wind' by trying to lose more right this second. Sometimes, when you over try something-- you snap the opposite direction and maybe that is happening too.
    Sounds like you are under lots of pressure at the moment and you're adding more about your weight. I hope things improve!