Friday, October 9, 2009

Attention Bandsters

This is an informal information gathering for me, not of any sort of real reliability or validity. But if you have been banded a while, I am curious as to what the last time in your life was when you were at the weight you are now? Please let me know how many months or years you are out from surgery, if you are at or near goal, and when was the last time--about how old you were and the date, if you don't mind--that you were that weight. Other info, like heights and weights from now and in the past, dramatic weight increases/decreases in your life, or any other info you feel like sharing are interesting to me too if you are comfortable sharing anything else.

Why I am asking: for myself. I am curious if I'll be closer to where I was in late middle school/early high school (pretty skinny but still in the normal range), the middle of high school (middle to high normal range), late high school (perhaps a little overweight), or soon after HS (still definitely overweight though there were two periods when I lost a bit) when I get to a stopping point in my journey. I am getting gradually nearer to where I was in high school (but have a little ways to go). I know the journey is different for everyone, but I was kind of wondering if there were any commonality in stopping points in each of our personal histories (for instance, getting back to where we were around age 15), a set-point weight of sorts. I know this sounds a little odd and grasping, but it is something that I have wondered for a while. I would at least like to know where people fall even if it lacks any predictive value for my own weight loss.



  1. Great questions. I am within grasping difference of one-derland, and I'm pretty sure the last time I was there was around my 15th birthday, so almost 9 years ago. I was about an inch shorter than I am now, so I was about 5'6 then.

  2. Hiya!
    Lets see: I am five foot six and according to 'the BMI and weight charts' I should weigh around 58 to 65 kilos. Well, that aint gonna happen!
    I have lost almost 22 kilos so far which is a smidge off 50 pounds. I have another 18 to lose and which at the moment makes me around 91.5 kilos (or 201.3 pounds.)

    I guess the last time I was here.. (thinking back..hard) was when I was about 30 years of age which would make it 13 or 14 years ago. (I had just fallen pregnant with my 3rd son.)

    I am aiming to get down to around the 73 kilo mark (or 160 pounds) because it was a nice even 40 kilos to lose AND I figure with all the changes (now having had four kids AND being the age I am) what suited me back then probably wont suit me now... body changes and all that. That said: it's not a hard and fast number for me. If I feel ok at 75 I will stay there.. if I reach 73 and want to lose more.. well I might do that too.

    Any of this help? lol
    It was good for me to implant all that in my brain again! Great post

  3. Well my comment will be of no use for you except to say that when I have reached long held weights, even on this journey, I had to fight like you wouldn't believe to get past them.

    The first was 273. I was stuck there for a while, and had been in the past. This seems to be a historic set point.

    Same for 267 and 253.

    Since I have been heavy most of my adult life those were also some of my lowest weights so it'll be interesting to see if I get stuck at say, 205 for a while because it was a set point in middle school, or something like that.

    I look forward to seeing the other responses.

  4. Interesting question. These are my numbers in the past:
    160 - when I was 12.
    180 - Jr in HS, in sports
    200 - graduated from HS
    220 - @ 19, got prego w/ first kid
    235 - after baby 1
    250 - got prego w/ 2nd kid
    255 - after baby 2

    Through out the last few years my body has seems to be either be steady at 258 or 265. Bounced up to 278 for awhile w/ an all time high of 285ish.

    Currently I'm at 247 lbs, down 31 lbs since surgery. I had a stall period at 265 and 258. Now I've been stalled at 247 for a few wks. My body doesn't know what to think about me getting it off and keeping it off.
    I think we all will stall out to give our bodies time to adjust. My ultimate WL goal would be 140, but I have no clue of what I'd look like at that weight. So I think it's more realistic for me psychologically to shoot for 160-170. I think that is a fine weight for a young woman who has had 2 kids. Besides, I was 12 the last time I was there.

    god knows we ALL probably thought we were fat at 12!!!

    Good luck!

  5. Well, I am almost 15 months out from surgery, 5'3" and 154 pounds (we won't mention how I have put 2.5 back on in the last few weeks). Goal for me is 140 (I think). Originally I had it set for 160 but then changed it. I don't remember the last time I was at this weight, but I'd guess high school. I know I was 165 when I got married in July '99 but that is as far back as I specifically remember.