Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cara, Amy, Lacey, Yana, and Gen (still having computer issues :( )

Thank you all. I have wondered from time to time if it has something to do with the money--more fills equals more money? The doctor has stated that smaller and less frequent fills is a safety issue, but it is strange to me how others almost everywhere else in the world can go in from week to week if needed and not have an issue. In fact, I was told by Dr. Rumbaut's staff (he banded myself and Catherine) that there is no medical reason to inch it up to restriction and that I could fly there and have it done with the flouro (but a plane trip and hotel cost would be a little high--and I would have to answer to the local doc about why I am more filled than last time; he may even decide not to help me anymore--and as Gen said in an earlier post, it's nice having a local doc). At any rate, this is the first time that I have attempted to go in early, and I think my reasons were legit.

Cara: I had .25 put in mine last time.

Amy: I called your doctor after I talked to mine, but the lady was out that I was to speak with about the charge for fills. I am self pay, so I realy have to take that into consideration. I called several places before starting fills that quoted prices. My doctor's was the best price, and I didn't have to pay $900-1500 as a down payment amount for fills or as a consult fee (as a lot of other places charged). The bad thing is that I'm sure I will exceed at LEAST the $1000 mark when all is said and done. And I'm truly not satisfied. But it may be too late to chage since I've paid so much to get to this point. Also, doctors may not like the fact that I've gone through a doctor (actually two if you count my surgeon--though he's not from around here) to add what they might consider a 'problem patient' to their lists. We're in the South, and, let's face it, the 'good ole boy connection' is alive and well too. By the way, I did hear something negative about my doctor from a member of the staff of an obesity center that does not handle lapbands. She said anyone is good but my doctor, but she did not elaborate for professional reasons (though I would like to know why/if the reasons are credible). Unfortunately, this was soon after my first fill. :(

Lacey: I don't know the name of the lady. She wasn't vicious or anything, just resigned to not move forward or listen to the fact that I can eat a horse. I will admit that the 'band as a tool' comment irked me, but it is honestly probably her job to say that. I do know that Dr. Nye has been conservative from the start though. He doesn't ask me any questions really (like about calories consumed, how much I've eaten, etc.--in fact we hardly talk about weight loss at all) unless I've gained (then it's only a little). And I'm so danged timid in there; I've never press his decisions to give me small fills or no fills at all. He is a very conservative fill doctor generally as I understand. In fact, my first question I asked the nurse after I told her how much I'd eaten and about the wedding was questioning what he generally does in those types of situations. She hadn't yet pulled my chart at that point but said that he generally has the patient come in two months after his or her fill (I knew that from previous appointments but didn't tell her that because I wanted to be as nice as possible). I then asked if that meant that I could only keep my current appointment, and she said that the earliest he would see me would be in a month from my last appointment. The nurse said that this is his policy. I went ahead and made that appointment.

Yana: Hi. It's nice to meet you (I don't think we've met). :) I don't know about the nurse training, but I do know that his care is quite different from what I've read about everywhere else. I seriously haven't read of ANYONE going this slow unless the bandster was sensitive to fills and felt restriction early on as a bandster.

Gen: I agree that I could be close to my set point weight (I hope not since I would like to be well within the normal range, but I am a realist). But I would at least like to see if I am, and I don't think I'm getting a fair shot here. If I were eating less and still at this weight, that would be one thing. But I'm eating like a cow in a fattening pen. I'm fluctuating up since my last weight loss progression post (but I don't have the heart to chage the weight back on my post :( ). I've actually really been slacking about wedding planning. The thing that is stressing me out the most about it is this weight-loss-for-pictures thing. I also have a situation with very close family members (at the parent and grandparent levels, I'm sorry to say) who don't want to see one another because of a divorce (and are REALLY trying not to go); of course, since I've been hearing this about them not going to my wedding long before I was ever engaged, I've gotten to the point that it's not too disturbing--I can't control their actions even though I think they're being selfish. But thank you about the groom; I think he will be happy with how I look even if I'm already where I'll ultimately land. Even though wedding planning isn't too much of an anxiety factor yet (though I'm sure it will be later since I'm procrastinating), I am a bit stressed about some other things, which could be leading to more food intake. But I just can't seem to shake why I should still be able to eat this much no matter if I'm stressed. Does that make sense? Thanks for all that you wrote. You really put some time into that, and I appreciate it. :)


  1. Gosh you really are going through a lot. I went back and read the messages that were sent to you from your last post and there was some good information.. problem is.. what to do with that information.
    I know you said that its a hard call but I would truthfully start looking around for another doctor. If this one intimidates you and you find it hard to speak up, then I'm not sure you have much of an option. Either that or you just coast along like you are now. Since neither sound like a good idea.. maybe just quietly, quietly you start to ask around for someone else. I know you said this was hard to for obvious reasons but girl, you have SO much on your plate now, something has to give. Let us know how you went.
    Cara x

  2. What is so funny is that here at Baptist (you see Nye at Sacred?) the two WLS surgerons are Dr. Nye and Dr. Friedman. Dr. Nye is old school compared to do Dr. Friedman, and when I was choosing which one to go to, I chose Dr. Friedman bc so many of my coworkers had gastric bypass with Nye, and they said he really pushes it over the band and believes more in the bypass. I don't know if Lacey got that vibe, but I didnt want to be pushed in either direction at the time.
    It would be awesome if you found out you could go to Friedman for the same price. I understand it being a money issue. If you talk to Betty (scheduling) tell her Amy Workman told you to find out. You might be waiting to talk to Rhonda though. As for him thinking you are a trouble patient, don't even worry about that. If you did get in to see him he would understand. A lady found my on LBT who was banded in belgium and she was actually in the office yesterday at the same time as me! Random!!!!

  3. I just got your message on my blog. Yes...we will not tell our gents that Dr. Friedman is a cutie pie. Or that's really why my heart rate was high yesterday ! hahaha...good luck. Let me know how it turns out!

  4. And please, don't be scared of being a "pushy patient". The problem is we don't want to be pushy, but we have to get over that. I say that as the girl who is scared her Dr will think she is begging for pain pills, so will suffer needlessly.

  5. My doctor won't do fills closer than two weeks apart. They say that it takes two weeks to be sure how you are going to do with a fill. It has been 3 and a half months for me, and I have 4ccs in a 10cc band. I hope your doctor is making decisions based on your best interests instead of his! Good luck, I know it is frustrating!

  6. Sorry, that wasn't clear. It has been 3 1/2 months since I was banded, not since I had a fill! :)

  7. Hey girly! Sorry I'm just now reading this post. Have you thought about coming to see Dr. Lord? His office is really great and PA Huston does most of the fills and I absolutely adore him. I must admit I'm not a fan of Dr. Nye's. I know some nurses who worked that particular floor at Baptist and they did not have good things to say. I will discuss with if you want. I do know Dr. Lord charges a ridiculous program fee of $500 but it would be worth it if it meant you got the service you deserve. I know I can call and schedule a fill whenever I want. In fact, this past week I got one and they never do them on Fridays so Mark (the PA) was concerned about if I was to be overfilled what would I do as the office would be closed. He gave me his cell and said to call him and he would come in if I needed some fill taken out. I love that about him! He listens to me (and I know that my being a nurse might have something to do with that) but even Mary really loves him. I have 8.3 cc in my band. I used to tell him I want
    1 cc and most times he would do it. If he was nervous about the amount, he would bargain me down to 0.7 cc *LOL* Everytime I go he asks me about what I'm eating, the amounts, how much restriction do I feel, etc. I think those are important questions to ask. I'm not trying to steer you in one direction, but if you are looking for a new doctor, I think you would be happy there =) I hope it works out for you!!