Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Gen, Amy, Angie, Cara, Liz, Mary, and Everyone Else:

I am having some issues posting comments on others' pages (or opening the comments to even read them) from my stinkin' computer here lately. But I have to get some things out there because there have been some great blog posts lately!

I first wanted to say congrats on all of your goals being met!!!! You are all incredible ladies and such great motivators.

Second, Amy, I have some of those little undies. They're incredible. And it must be a Pensacola thing, but I have done Taco Bell the last two days too. I am usually not a tacoholic, so what is up with that? Also, how long has it been since your last fill? Did they give you any flack for moving your appointment up?

My doctor only does my fills every two months (if he feels I need one), but I'm truly not near my sweet spot yet...after 10 months. I'm am eating like a walrus (I guess they eat a lot???). I got my first (very tiny) fill since July on Monday but have eaten lots of pasta (wheat, but still), meat, Taco Bell, hamburgers (with the bun), chicken nuggets (bad choice but don't do this usually), etc. since then. In fact, there really isn't much that my band won't tolerate, and I am always hungry. I don't get full really. I am eating over 2000 calories a day (MOST of the time these are non-slider foods; I don't eat chips or candy or ice cream with the exception of some chocolate every few days). Is anyone else that consuming that many calories? I have see 900 (or less) - 1500 for most everyone who has been brave enough to report their calories here. If I eat 1700-1800, I feel like I'm being completely being deprived. Forget the small portions or waiting several hours between meals. I get hungry in an hour or so after eating a big meal. I wonder if this has something to do with me starting off at a lower BMI and not having as much of the fat pad initially (so maybe I need more fill to shrink down the pouch-making area)?? But still, to distinguish my situation (and I really hope Catherine doesn't mind me comparing), I am at 2.25 cc's in my band as of this Monday, and Catherine, who has the same band as mine (correct me if I'm wrong) has been at 2.85 cc's since around March (only a few months after her surgery) and was at 2.25 (where I'm at now) or 2.0 just a couple months after sugery (I didn't get to 2.0 until mid-July). I was banded in December. She was banded in October. So should I not at least be at the 2.85 mark since it has been five months since the equivalent day (because it has been seven for her) that she was filled to that point of restriction? I know that everyone is different and has different adjustments that work for them, but with all the food intake issues I am having, I believe that there has been no reason to inch along so slowly. When I have gotten a fill, it's only been because I've gained or remained the same weight for several months. I sometimes feel that my exercise is what has gotten me to losing what I have and that if I stopped moving, the weight would come piling back on my body. I don't want to stop walking/jogging just to gain weight to get a fill though??? And I got this surgery to help with the willpower issues of eating AND improve my fitness. Why can't I do both? And what happens if I have to sacrifice a little exercise for a few months of stressful work, wedding planning, etc.? Then what? Will I balloon back up before the wedding (since I'm not at my sweet spot)? I always wimp out about petitioning for fills when I see my doctor because he seems so authoritative. It is hard to have any sort of heart to heart. That probably has something to do with our personalities. But I want to fit into a dream wedding dress and have the perfect day with no regrets next year, so I really want this weight off, off, off. My next appointment (not necessarily a fill since he likes to wait and see how things progress) isn't until December. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to get the ball moving? I am really putting myself out there and want workable suggestions badly, but please be nice. :)

Next, Liz, I'm glad you had fun in Arkansas. Thanks for sharing your pictures too. BTW, does your family live close to the Duggars? They are a huge family on TLC (if you haven't heard of them previously). I know that they are from Arkansas. Random question, I know. :)

Finally, Gen, PREACH ON SISTA!!! Bread is in The Bible. I loved that!!! Actually, that was a super great post about carbs and serotonin. I learned a lot and realize why I thrive on pasta (although I've bee trying to do more of the wheat variety--it takes a bit to get used to it, so I can definitely see why the kids are having problems there). I wonder if chocolate is a carb (I crave it a LOT too and know a lot of women do)??? Does anyone know? I am keeping all of that info stored in my arsenal and may even need it for ammunition if the food police ever come a-knockin' about any carb intake issues they might think I have. Oh, and you mentioned cereal as bad. I didn't know that all of it was a bad sort of carb. Are there kinds that are good??? I try to get the kinds that are higher in fiber. I have one of the Kashi brands with strawberries in it, and (though I know, I know) I sometimes eat the chocolate mini wheats to get some of my chocolate craving out of my system (but didn't think it was terrible because the box says that it is high in fiber too--especialy since I thought it would be the best way to satisfy that craving). What gives here?

By the way, I wasn't eating breakfast (see Catherine's post about the skinny girl's secret), but I started to get so hungry what with lack of fill, etc. that I had to give in finally. Did I mention I need a fill??? Hhhheeeelllpppp!!!!!!!


  1. Man I have been wondering where in the heck you have been! Damn that taco bell. My last fill was middle of august. i was really tight, and was PBing everyday, so I went in 2 weeks later and had the unfill before the cruise. It left me a little looser than I wanted, and now it seems, just like the balloon restriction has gone up and away.
    My doc is wonderful, and really lets me determine when I need a fill. My first fill left me with zero restriction, and I wasnt scheduled for another one until like 2 months later! So I called and got back in for fill number 2, just two weeks after my first fill. STILL didnt have restriction, so I called and got another appt for one week later. That finally gave me some. I am so thankful they get me in. I would not have lost as much as I had if I had a doc who was really strict with fills!
    At first I was worried that they would think I was being pushy, but then I realized that I am paying for it and that is their damn job :)

  2. Argh, sounds like you are stuck in a rock and a hard place right now. Need a fill, but worry about the Docs response, want to exercise and lose weight but feel like you can't move forward.


    I think Amy is right tho. At the end of the day our surgeons are not gods and they are providing a service which we pay for. And then if you add in even a whiff of judgement, it makes it really difficult for us to ask them for what we know we need.

    I hope you give them a call soon, and get that fill. You have every right to get it when you need it.

  3. First up, glad to have you back!! Thought you must have been super busy but as usual, it's the comps that do our head in when they are being painful.
    I three Brooke and Amy. Don't let that Doc boss you around: You are paying for his services and if you need a fill (it certainly sounds it!) then you should as for one. But just go slow.. just a little. Creep up on that sucker :)

  4. Ooops that was 'ask' for one lol Not ASS (though he is being one!!)

  5. The Duggars live on the western part of Northern Arkansas. My fam all lives in the Central part of the Northern half, haha! Probably just a few hrs away. but I do watch the show, I love how optimistic and realistic they are, great parents!!!

    w/ your eating u think w/ or right after meals? that's the only thing that I can think of that would leave you hungry 1 hr later. I'm not on my sweet spot w/ portions yet, but I stay full 5-6 hours after eating. Don't drink with your meals and don't drink ANYTHING AGAIN until 30 mins after you eat. I've noticed if I do it makes a huge difference in how long I stay full. your drink is just pushing your food down thru your band like a lil bathtub drain or something. haha!

  6. Hi there,

    Glad you found something useful in my low carb post. About cereal - most cereal is heavily processed and high in sugar, but there are certainly good cereals. My problem is I am not safe even with the good ones - in the old days I would eat 3 bowls of Special K no problem! If cereal is not a "trigger" food for you -- if you can eat just a cup of it and leave it alone -- then there is nothing wrong with that!

    About your hunger - you definitely need more of a fill! Your band is not working right now, no question about it. I did notice a bunch of the foods you mentioned tend to make us hungrier because of all the salt, fat, and, yes, carbs (taco bell, pasta, burgers). So I would try eating more lean protein and veggies. And get that fill!

  7. i agree with the others. you PAY him...
    i would explain that you have gotten this far with willpower, but if you had the willpower to take all the weight off and keep it off, you would not have needed the band!
    you want your band to HELP, and right now it's not!
    the last thing you want is to get discouraged and start gaining!
    good luck, i hope he understands and cooperates with you!!

  8. Hi! I don't mind you comparing at all -- that's why I post that stuff! :) I love being at 2.85 in my 5 cc band (I have an Inamed -- is that what you have too?). It's just right for me -- I can eat enough, but not too much.

    I definitely am not eating close to 2K calories a day -- it sounds like you really need more of a fill. Your doctor shouldn't be so conservative that you don't get the benefit of being banded! Hopefully he will be more reasonable.

    Best wishes,


  9. I eat about 1400 a day (when I am on track which has been not here lately).

    As for Dr, Nye, speak up. I have found him to be very accommodating. This last visit I got a fill because I had gained for the first time in this journey but the time before he was leaning towards not giving me one. I explained my hunger and he gave me a fill, no issues.