Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strange Sex: Feederism

I watched a TLC Strange Sex episode tonight. I can't remember watching this show previously, but it came on right after Sister Wives and had me hooked from the beginning (hate it when that happens!).

The first part of the program was about a couple in a feederism relationship. Call me ignorant, but I didn't really know that this type of relationship existed. In case you haven't heard of it either (???), feederism is "deriving sexual pleasure from encouraging another to eat, being served large quantities of food, and/or gaining weight."

The couple on the show met online in a forum for overweight females. The woman in the relationship is the feedee. She weighs around 600 pounds. To her significant other, she is perfection. He likes curves, cellulite, and a bigger body. He likes to feed her to anticipate where the weight will go. The woman likes to be fed and to feel like the man's Perfect 10.

The narrative briefly discussed health consequences, but the woman said that she hasn't had any blood pressure or other issues and is 'smart about it' ('it' referring to what she eats). She said that she tries to control sodium intake (although it showed her eating a BIG bowl of chips, soy sauce, and lots of other high salt content food). While she stated that she doesn't believe that she is doing anything unhealthy, bacon and chocolate cake were also a part of what she ingested during the show. And her portions were enormous.

I know that I shouldn't be one to judge particular eating patterns as I have my own problems with resisting certain types of food (chocolate cake being one of them)...and I really hate judging people in general, but this woman's scary weight goals made me more closely scrutinize her food choices out of complete concern for her health. She has a goal weight of 1000 pounds although it doesn't sound as if she wants to stop there. Both she and the man also have an ultimate goal of her immobility! The narrator discussed how this is typical in extreme feederism relationships for power reasons--the feedee wants to become completely reliant on the feeder and the feeder wants to have complete control over the feedee. The woman said her dream was to do less and have fewer responsibilities.

Did anyone else see this episode? Had you heard of feederism previously? What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi there, I just saw the episode and I do know about this "fetish". I myself own a publication completely dedicated to larger women and fetishes in the fatgirl market. I use the word fatgirl with all respect, because it is what it is. I have researched the fetish. It is real it exists, and for some odd reason it is grow at an alarming rate. It's just breaking into your living room today, but it has been on the minds of a couple hundred thousand people.

    Hope that helped you a bit?

    The Wizard of BOD (...and yes, I a Wizard)

  2. Sounds like something I would rather not know about. Creepy!

  3. I watched the ep and was totally engrossed - on one hand, the unhealthiness of it is alarming, but on the other, when he talked about it's rare that the person you fall in love with is the embodiment of your fetish, it was sweet.

    The immobility thing is major ick for me. Did you watch the ep they showed after with Mr. Big you know what?!

  4. OMG I love these crazy human weirdness shows, I have to see this one!

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