Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black Swan Diving Into Scary Skinniness

I watched Black Swan last night. It's really not my type of flick. Very disturbing.

I was in ballet as a child--from the age of five up through my teens. I had aspirations of achieving pointe (toe shoe-level) from early on in my endeavors. The year after I made pointe, I stopped. Pointe is pretty from an outsiders' perspective, but it can be pretty painful for the participant. I developed all sorts of feet issues (painful--and sometimes gross--stuff...although it's all gone now).

Anyhow, while watching the movie, I remembered an interview a few months back with Natalie Portman about the hours and hours of exercise she had to put in for the role.

I also remember in footage surrounding the interview that there were brought to light real life accounts of the severe eating disorders of professional ballerinas (bulimia was shown in the movie...and anorexia was at least alluded to). It's sad that in a lot of the 'pretty professions'--ballet, modeling, acting, etc.--there are so many sad accounts of women partaking in illegal substances or developing eating disorders...not very pretty when you look really closely at them. :(

Did you see the movie? Did you like it?


  1. I saw the movie and did not like it. Was totally different than what I was expecting. Your word "disturbing" perfectly describes my feelings about the movie.

  2. I saw it... it's the best movie that I never hope to see a second time! It was just too gross for me (the hangnail pulling!), though I did think it was well-acted.

  3. Haven't seen it yet, and you guys are not making me want to rush out and rent it! LOL

  4. I saw it and honestly? I loved it. I was totally drawn in by the story, the special effects, the beautiful dancing. I like psychological thrillers though. I have pretty bad ADHD and I don't think I blinked through most of that movie. Totally engrossing.

  5. I have not seen the movie, but wanted to recommend to you HBOs Documentary "Thin." It is very scary, but really lets you into the mindset of people who struggle with body image.