Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wearing Jean Shorts

I went on a picnic at the river on Easter Sunday with my wonderful guy. I put on some jean shorts because it was really nice weather on the coast that day. I hadn't worn any jean shorts in forever (although I'd hung on to one pair for several years, which was, of course, the pair I wore). Suffice it say, my guy was quite shocked when he saw me in them as he has never seen me wearing any during the entire course of our relationship. I am not saying that I rocked them or anything (in fact, probably quite the opposite since my legs are blindingly white), but getting them on and not bulging out was quite an accomplishment. I did feel a little naked though with the shorts and the...wait for it...sleeveless shirt, which I also haven't worn in forever (without a cardigan or some other cover-up, that is).

By the way, I still have pics to upload here, but things have been SO crazy lately, and I haven't had a computer at home for the last couple of months (long story). I am still planning to post them. I promise.


  1. hahaha...I bet you looked beautiful. White legs and all!

    Email me if you want to do the 5k. It starts at 8. We stay for the awards after, but you don't have you could be gone by 9ish.

    I might be slow though :( I havent walked in forever!

  2. Wow, that's cool- just casually slipping on a pair of denim shorts AND a sleeveless top for a picnic- thank god for the band!

  3. What a great NSV to get into those shorts!!

  4. I am sure you RAWKED them too! I can't believe you survived summers here without shorts! I'd die...LOL!