Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PB Annoyingness (at a Work Function)

Last night, all of the attorneys at my firm went out for appetizers and drinks. We did the alfresco thing at a popular downtown seafood place that sits right by the water. The weather was just perfect for eating outside. It was a beautiful view of the water, and we were right beside a marina too.

We were kind of limited on the types of appetizers though, but I thought I would be okay eating the Blue Crab Artichoke Dip...famous last thoughts, I know. Everything was going great until I got stuck on either an artichoke or the bread for the dip. Right after I determined it wasn't going to go down (I have only been wrong once or twice when I came to this conclusion), our managing partner proceeds to tell a really long story. There was no way to excuse myself. Not that I'm an advocate of PBing or anything (I HATE being stuck at all--it scares me--and I'm certainly not one to use my band for purposeful binging and purging), but when I'm stuck, I want it gone ASAP. I can't stand sitting there in misery. FINALLY I was able to head for the bathroom. Not pretty! But at least it was GONE.

Saying all that, I wonder if being stuck or PBing causes more harm to the band? I'm sure that neither are good for it, but I would still be curious to know. ???

Side note: I am watching the Blue Angels (Navy show planes stationed in Pensacola) practice over the bay outside my office window right now. My view is a work perk, I guess. I hope that isn't bragging or anything.

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying wonderful weather.


  1. I hate PBing at work...when we are all in the office. It is just me, my coworker, and my boss. They all know about the band of course, but I am pretty sure that my boss thinks I make myself throw up on purpose.

    It drives me nuts.

    And I am the loudest PBer ever...so it's hard to do it and her not hear. I always just pray the copy machine is running so it might be louder than me!

  2. UGH! pbing is no fun! You view sounds amazing!

  3. UG -- that is so awful. I got stuck on some sushi one day during a 30 minute presentation with mandatory attendance. I had to sit there as my mouth filled up with slime as the presentation drew to a close. If it had gone a minute longer, I would have had to spit in my water glass. Thank God I got out of there on time. That's terrible. Sorry it happened to you!

  4. I had one of those moments too... had to go to the bathroom acouple of times during our friday lunch cause it wouldnt go down....

    Sorry to hear you had to PB....

    I dont know which is worst... but I hear you "should" go on a 24 hour liquid diet post PB... but I always make sure that my next meal is liquid and then i go through the mushies, soft and solid stages through the meals.

  5. Uggg the PBing at work stinks, I have only had it happen once but man it was awful. I am so jealous of your view, sounds awesome.

  6. Never PB'd.... So strange, huh? But it sounds awful. And to be stuck, standing there and having to listen politely... torture.

  7. FWIW, my PA is ok with being stuck, not ok with PB'ing. While that's her stance, I know what you are saying, and I often wonder the same thing. Sucks being stuck, and sucks PB'ing.