Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hiking on a Mountain

While it is rumored that there is one mountain in Florida (in a state park in my county of residence, in fact), I've never seen it, so I'm a little skeptical. But, as most of you know, Florida is quite flat. We don't have the hilly trail thing going on like Gen does in Colorado. Thus, when I exer-ma-cise, I mostly do it on flat land (or some type of machine). There are some exceptions...a couple of pseudo-hills and such, but, by and large, there aren't too many variations in elevation. I'm sometimes a little jealous of those of you who get to take advantage of interesting terrains (although jogging/walking near the water is nice too--I guess we all just want what we don't have?).

Well, my guy and I went to Birmingham this weekend and, while we were there, we decided to hike to the waterfall at Oak Mountain State Park. The hike was a little scary at some points because of the steepness. There were even ropes attached to trees going down the side of the mountain so that hikers would have something to hold on to and not slip down the mountain. SCARY! But we made it to the waterfall (the bottom and the top of it actually). It was nice because I haven't seen a waterfall in a while (not many of those around these parts either). By the way, I found a picture of the waterfall online (below), but it doesn't at all convey how steep--or how long--the climb was.

And did I get a workout!!!! I had to stop and sit a couple times coming up just to breathe. My legs hurt too, so I guess I got some sort of benefit from all my puffing and panting :) .

****I hope everyone's week is starting off well!!!!


  1. What! How did you know of this place! can you play in the water? how long did it take you? I want more information!

    Are you coming to Zumba on Wed night with us? It starts at 6!!! It will be FUN :)

  2. Great picture!! Wish I was closer to it. I'm down near Tampa. I don't know of any mountains down here. lol

  3. That looks beautiful... I so love hiking... Weather is good one day and not good another right now so can not wait till it is more consistent. I have been doing a lot of research of all our hiking areas and we have a lot. So as the weather gets better so will my hiking skills..

  4. IF YOU CAN HIKE YOU CAN ZUMBA!!!!! You are coming right!!! dont ignore us...LOL

  5. Wow that looks amazing! I'd love to try a bit of hiking but not many places around us that you can take the dogs with you, which is what we like to do if we can.

  6. The highest point in FL is lake wales @ bok tower garden... Where my husband proposed! Great picture! I love hiking bc it doesn't feel like exercise :)