Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thin Fantasy Future

When I'm thin, I'll...

Did/do you ever contemplate your future in Thindom? I certainly had many of my hopes and dreams pinned on the tail of my thin future that would be. I would be funnier, smarter, and people would love me more. I would be successful. But I'm learning that I still have to take the steps and be proactive in accomplishing goals and creating my future. That is not to say that I don't feel great. I am definitely a lot more at peace with my current weight and how I look than I have been in years. I also feel less judged when I see people from my past--when they give me the up-and-down once-over looks, they aren't thinking, "Wow! She's gained a lot of weight!" There is definitely some confidence that comes with not having to worry about that. But, as many have mentioned, being thin is not a fix-all for life's issues, and it is not a yellow brick road to happiness and achievement.

What were some of the things you imagined doing or becoming when you achieved thinness? Has anything been more attainable as a result?


  1. great post! I am about 15-20lbs away from my goal. Isn't it funny getting all skinny doesn't make your life perfect?? what?? lol I am hopeing my new confidence will have me interview better for a new job!

  2. It doesn't make life perfect, but it sure does make it a lot better! At one (!) pound from goal, here are a few things that I was looking forward to that I'm enjoying now:

    1. Buying cute clothes in any store I want;
    2. Being fit (I visited a friend who lives in a 4th floor walk-up this weekend and wasn't even out of breath when I got to the apartment);
    3. Feeling good about my body, even without clothes on;
    4. Looking younger (and not matronly);
    5. Getting more attention from guys;
    6. Not hating how I look in pictures and avoiding mirrors;
    7. Not avoiding old friends because I don't want them to see how fat I'd become;
    8. Not having my feet hurt and being able to wear heels all day long;
    and so much more! :)

    Most things in my life that aren't related to physical appearance or health & fitness are the same as they were before, but that's OK with me. I do think that the happiness and recharged energy that this weight loss has brought me sets a positive tone that carries over into all areas of life.

  3. I think my dream goals revolved/revolve around shopping and exercise. meaning, like Catherine said...being able to shop at most place, more options for clothing, etc.

    The exercise part doesnt mean just exercising more, but being able to move and be active without hurting, being out of breathe, sweating like a hog, etc.

    Ditto what Nicole said. good post.

  4. FOr me it is just being more physically capable of doing any form of exercise. In october I could not even walk a kilometre. Now I can do 4 Kms. I am going to try for more but the weather is just plain nasty here right now. Raining... Yuck...

  5. Hey,
    Here you are. You've been AWOL for a while lol. Lovely to have you back.
    For me - being thin again is doing everything I want to without the restrains of being a 'big girl.' It's opened so many doors that I love it, just like I knew i would. So much has changed over the last 10 months I wouldn't know where to begin if listing them. I think Catherine pretty much covered exactly what I would have said. xxx

  6. I feel so much of my life is tied into a btter weight than I have been but if I am totally honest...some of the best things in my life have come from being overweight....my children, manyof my Bf's (perhaps I needed to be overweight to believe they loved me for who I was??) and my new career. I do long for fitting into my own clothes and belonging in the normal crowd and being fitter

  7. Great question, I'm newly banded but have been thin many times in my life. I think it's great to put things in perspective and know that losing weight is not magical just like moving to a new city isn't a fix for what's wrong in your life. Because, when you move, guess what? There YOU are. I have always been center stage, big or small and have never let being big really hold me back, however, I am looking forward to the physical perks of being smaller...less aches and pains and actually feeling more free in my body.

  8. It IS magic and life IS now perfect since I lost the weight.

    Yes, it's just me April Fooling again. Ditto all the above. I love the better health and movement most.

    I gave you the Stiletto Award (today's blog).

  9. I just read that, BG. You are too sweet!

    And thanks everyone for all your comments. I am in agreeance with everything you wrote. How often can we say that?! LOL! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!

  10. There are so many "things" I am looking forward to doing -comfortably- again. Shopping is one of them of course and like the other ladies said, moving easier has already been a great plus.

    I am really anxious to start hiking, canoeing, and camping again. None of those are very much fun when you can't walk up a hill, fit in a boat or zip up your sleeping bag, you know!?

    Great post! Thanks.