Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Non-Fill, Some Weight Issues, and My Stretch Marks

First of all, I went to the doctor this week for my bi-monthly fill appointment. In determining whether I needed a fill or not, he asked me how I felt and what I thought about my restriction. I suppose he puts a little more weight (pun intended) on the patient's opinion the further he or she is out from surgery; I like this--it is certainly a welcome change from earlier fills. I told him that I felt like it was too early for me to really tell this time but that I've been doing okay for the past few weeks. He said that I am probably close but that I could come in and weigh myself on any given day without pre-scheduling and set up a fill appointment afterwards if my weight rises. He was complimentary on my weight loss too; that was nice to hear.

And on the subject of weight, I have been down to 153-155 lbs. these last couple of weeks. However, I am having some personal health issues, and I don't know whether I will go back up to 157-159 when I'm back to normal (I'm sure those issues have at least contributed to why I have lost because I am normally the slowest loser on God's green earth)??? I am still not at goal, so I truly hope I don't bounce back up to continued frustration.

Relatedly, I was reading another post this morning from a bandster who has been banded for a few years. She has gained back 40 lbs. since being banded. Linda also recently spoke of a family member's family member (a tenuous relationship) who had gained back a lot of (or maybe all) her weight. Although neither of these stories was presented in a way that aimed to make me worry, these things can't help but make me nervous. After all, that is one of the reasons I got the band--I wanted this weight gone for good. As Linda said, we have a great support system here and have access to information and such. I hope I can keep that in mind and that these things will keep my weight gone for good.

Lastly, I have been noticing the stretch marks on my hips and upper thighs seemingly becoming more and more visible. Ugh. They almost look like spider veins in certain lighting because of the color and the refracting light. Is there a remedy for this annoyingness?


  1. Pants? Just kidding. I don't know of any stretch mark remedies. I wish I did because I have them too.

  2. Those stories scare me too!!! I just can't read them at all! I think that is why it is all the more important that the change is made to our minds as much as it is made in our stomas!!

    If I had a remedy for stretchmarks I would be a rich woman!!! They are actually SCARS so treating them as such seems to yeild the best results, for me. Maderma works as good as anything I've ever tried, but still got em!

  3. First of all, I am pretty sure I know who are are talking about. If so, I have been following what I consider to be her trainwreck for over a year. She only posts like 4 times a it is not hard. When I first started following her she posted about how she puked every time she ate. And she let this happen bc she was losing weight and I believe...liked the weight loss so much that she basically ruined her band. When I read that back then I was like WHAT!! I don't understand getting the band and then treating it like shi#! I just dont. Then the next post was about how she dialated her pouch. Stretched it out by stuffing herself over and over again with huge portions of food. And now she is stretched out and continues to stuff her pouch.

    You are not like that. I find that one of the most common threads that ties the majority of the people together who gain their weight back is that they do not go to their doctor and they dont even TRY to follow the rules.

    So dont let those extreme cases of neglect freak you out. We would track you down and do an intervention if that ever happened.

  4. I think everyone is scared at the possibility of gaining the weight back. Don't let a little gain get you down though. You've done such an awesome job so far with your weight loss. If Amy is talking about the same person as you, its sounds like she wasn't ready for the band when she got it. We will all struggle and eat things from time to time that we probably shouldn't, but to just blatently abuse your band is silly. You don't seem like that at all!

  5. What Jenny said! I'm not even banded yet...March 24th!!! Mexico here I come! but I know that if you abuse the band and don't follow the rules, you will gain weight. I am investing too much money and effort into this and like you, I will succeed! You have done a fantastic job by the way. Its ok to lose slowly. (((please remind me that I said that in a few months when I'm complaining about losing slow!))

  6. What Amy said! (I'm glad she gave us the low-down, I'm out of the loop.)

  7. Sorry you've been feeling badly - I hope it's nothing serious.
    I think it's easy to get that "oh no I'm going to fail feeling", but I know that since most of us in our little blogging community are already more successful than the statistics, it stands to reason that we will keep it off long term. We educated ourselves and follow the rules (mostly) so we WILL be successful.
    I've given up on the stretch marks - I would have to bathe in stuff to cover all mine.
    Take care!

  8. I Like Amys Idea of an Intervention if need to stop worrying I believe that when you worry and worry it just deters you from losing becuase you are so stressed out. You are doing great! Its getting warm outside AND daylight savings starts on sunday so i have more daylight time so we can go walking/jogging, to the beach and other fun things!!! You will make your goal! You will get there I know you will!