Friday, February 19, 2010

"Why do you eat it without bread?"

I'm not going to say the name, but it's the place that rhymes with Ick Yonalds. I pulled into this fast food restaurant last night and got a fish sandwich without the bun (because I was starving, going to the gym, and didn't want to leave the gym early because I was hungry--like I've done before; my food choice was, admittedly, not good though--and getting it, in fact, seemed counterintuitive to jogging at the gym). I remember liking those fish sandwiches in days of yore, but it was not good at all last night (maybe that'll prevent me from ordering one again).

Anyhow, the interesting part of this story has nothing to do with the taste. I ordered my sandwich, pulled up to pay, and the gal at the window asked me, "Why do you eat it without bread?" I assumed that people did that regularly in the no-carb age. I was a little dumbstruck and just said, "It's complicated." Of course, now I sound very high maintenance and that, but I didn't want to get in a band conversation in the drive-thru (and, as you know, only two people in my 'real life', aside from my Pensacola bandit blog buddies, know about the senorita within). I am still a little surprised at her question. Has anyone ever asked any of you guys that point blank? What was your response?

Side Note: I was talking to my fiance a few weeks ago about ordering sandwiches without bread. We both agreed that if we were the one making the sandwich for a non-bread-eating customer, we'd probably throw in a little extra since the customer wouldn't get the bread--like more lettuce or meat or cheese. I know that this is a silly question, but what would you do as a 'sandwich artist' (hopefully, that lingo isn't copyrighted by the fastfood restaurant that rhymes with Rubday :) )?

Side Note #2: It has been fairly easy for me to give up bread as a bandit. Bread was never a go-to food for me. I miss it most on sandwiches because it holds them together. Saying that, I do eat it (wheat only) with sandwiches from time to time now (I have no real restriction issues with bread, it seems). But I don't eat it even as infrequently as I did pre-banding. Pasta is different. Before I was banded, I didn't think I would ever be able to sacrifice pasta, but I rarely eat it now. I was not consciously aware of that until I remembered the other day how much I love pasta. I've hardly had any cravings for it in the longest time. And rice and couscous have been uberannoying for me lately; they don't go down the hatch as well. So that knocks out three (or four--depending on how you view couscous) complex carbs right there. :)


  1. That's funny that she asked you -- I usually just say "Oh, I'm off the carbs" or "trying to steer clear of the carbs," or something like that.

    If I'd been getting what you ordered, I probably would have ordered it with the bread and eaten around the bread (using it to hold the filet so I didn't get sauce on my hands).

    I can actually eat pasta decently well. I can't have much of it, but I sometimes will order ravioli at a nice restaurant (where you get 1 large or ~4 medium ravioli per order). It's usually one of the smaller portion dishes at a nice restaurant, so that is an advantage too.

    As for rice, I'm having sushi right now (well, 2 pc of sashimi and a roll). I usually eat one or two pieces of the roll, then pick out the salmon and avocado from the other pieces. Unfortunately, I got stuck! Nothing like sliming at my desk. . . :P Usually rice works OK!

  2. Wow, that is weird that she asked you...the carb thing is a good answer. Unfortunately I have no problems with bread or anything else LOL!

  3. I've never had anyone ask although if I did, I'd probably tell them it was none of their business. I can be a pain like that sometimes though...LOL!

  4. I would think low carb would be the obvious answer too. I am surprised how little I miss bread these days. I can eat a tiny bit of pasta, but not much. Rice is usually okay for me if its in some kind of sauce.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! You should seriously post some headless pics! I bet you look great.

  5. I would chalk it up to the girl is in High School and didn't realize she shouldn't be asking about what your eating. I would just say I am on a low carb diet or watching my carbs.
    I also would love to see your head shot!

  6. I used to ask for a big Mac with no meat... THey always thought I was weird for that... or a McOz with no meat....

    People just dont know how to mind their own business these days

  7. If I was serving you that sandwish I would add extra lettuce or something too. In fact I have done it when people ask for a bacon only sandwish (no egg) at school functions. She was probably just young....and wanted to know

  8. lol Ick Yonalds - I get this vision of you in front of the computer trying to find something that rhymes. Very clever x
    I am like you - I wasn't a huge bread eater but somehow, now I can't have it sometimes want it. I guess I miss a lovely soft white bread sandwich with filling..ahhhh those were the days.

  9. She really asked you that? Was she a size zero, ponytail, braces? LOL