Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update, Being NORMAL, and New Low

I haven't done a post with too much substance in a while, so I figured it was about that time. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a party with some of my old co-workers. I got some nice compliments, but in more interesting news, I had my first drink since being banded (over a year ago). It was my first drink in several years actually. I became really flushed (and, because I was hot in my sweater, I had to change into one of my friend's t-shirts--which never would have fit before surgery) and acted quite stupid with just half a margarita-glass of whatever the concoction was that the hostess made. I obviously cannot tolerate liquor. It could either be my new size, my bandit status, or my long period of abstinence. Who knows?! But I probably won't try it again soon since the type of drinks I like are calorie laden (and my go-to must have is chocolate moreso than drinks--admittedly, probably worse for me than drinks, but I may as well minimize the damage in doing both if I don't feel that necessary compulsion to drink).

Last week, I went to Birmingham for a continuing education class (and will be going back on February 25-26th, so hit me up if you can get together, Alabamians and Atlanta folks). I woke up early to use the gym at hotel. That was the first time I'd ever done the early morning workout thing and one of the first times I'd used a hotel gym. I ran two miles and walked another mile. It felt great to have my workout done and over so early in the day (although I'm not a morning person, I would love to somehow manage regular exercising in the early AM's).

On the heels of that workout, I started at a new gym this past weekend. I received a Christmas gift from a co-worker for a month's free membership there. I like jogging outside and work in a nice area to jog outdoors after work. I also have a new Wii (another Christmas present). However, because it's freezing lately (and for other reasons), I think the gym membership's timing is working out well. I probably won't pay for membership after the month expires (even if it's still a little cold since I'll have the Wii), but I plan to take advantage of some of the classes and machines during the time when I am a member. So far I've only done the treadmill (or, as Gen calls it, the dreadmill :) ). I have jogged two miles on two visits (and walked another 2 1/2 each time at incline) and have walked at incline the other visit. Hopefully, I'll get off the treadmill some and start shaking things up soon.

In other news, I still receive Lane Bryant brochures and mini-catalogs. I can't keep myself from looking through them for good clothes and finds. None of these will fit me, but I still look. Does anyone else have that problem?

Finally, I have been bouncing around Normal (according to some BMI scales, including my Wii's and an online calculator I regularly use) for the last couple of weeks. I would be above Normal and then below it. I didn't want to officially report this news until I had remained there for a bit (as I have fluctuated up--by a few pounds even--in instances where I have lost before now). Well, as of this AM, I am at 158.4 (71.8490 kg). That is my new lowest low. Yea!!!

I hope everyone has a good day!!!!!

UPDATE: After I went to the bathroom this AM (yes, TMI; sorry), I was at 157.2. That's a 24.6 BMI (according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute online) and is my new lowest low. The lowest I was before this AM was 159 even. How exciting!!!


  1. Yeah for your newest low! You know my boss works out there and takes practically ALL the classes! They go every day. EVERY DAY!

    Anyways...wonderful post my friend!

  2. Wow! Your boss is pretty inspiring!!! Maybe I will get to meet her at a class.

  3. Congratulations on being in the normal BMI range! You give me hope in the process...

  4. That is awesome Girl!!! I will be there soon with you!!! Your doing great. I Love working out in the morning it makes my day go so much better!!!

  5. Congratulations on your new low!
    Your a big loser!
    (if we werent talking about weightloss that would have been an insult)

  6. 157 is so normal - must be awesome. Just think how small your wedding dress will be.

  7. I know...I am so excited about that prospect, Linda!!! Unfortunately today I'm wearing a suit (from the very back of the closet) that is a little tight today. That's annoying, but at least I fit in it, I guess.

    Thank you, Lynette, and I won't take it as an insult here. :)

    And yes you will be, Mary!!!

  8. WOOT! A normal BMI is a huge accomplishment!!! Thanks for the link to your blog...can't wait to keep reading!

  9. Happy 30th birthday tomorrow!It's not so bad.:)
    I hope you have a great day.

  10. YAY! Normal BMI is fantastic! I hope to get there eventually too! Nice work on the running too.

    Em :)