Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spin Class and Workin' on My Fitness

I did the spin class at the gym yesterday. I finished it this time. You see, I tried it a week ago (on my b-day) but felt sickish--may have been part of the side effects of turning 30. I had to leave early, or I would've thrown up on the gym floor. The bad thing was that the class was packed on the day I had to leave. There was not even one spare bike. Yesterday there were only about six of us in the class. So, needless to say, I probably would've rather jetted in the small class, but it is what it is. And I'm glad I went back to actually finish the class.

It was an hour long. Then I did 3.25 miles (mostly incline) walking on the treadmill. Later in the day, I did 30 minutes of free step on the Wii. I had more time for workouts because we were off work for a snow day yesterday (although I have done at LEAST an hour at the gym each night since Tuesday, so my fitness routine hasn't been shabby or anything like that lately).

Saying all that, my food intake has not been stellar. There was leftover icecream b-day cake this week. I have been eating subs from Subway--with the bread (how is that possible?). And yesterday, somehow, I ate around 2400 calories (with very few sliders--and the sliders were the good-for-me things like yogurt). UGH!!! Sometimes I just have hungry days! It's hard to believe that I have so much of a fill but can eat so much still.


  1. I've always wanted to take a spin class, so I'm impressed. I don't think I could make it though. Maybe toward summer...

  2. Very Impressed with your work out! Go you!
    I have hungry days and not so hungry days too...
    What can you do?

  3. Your workout is impressive. Spin can be a very claustrophobic experience and I get soo soo hot too. Great work to do an hour.

  4. Yeah, those hungry days are a bitch - hits us when we seem to have the least willpower too. On the plus side - jeez, you are getting fitter and do so much exercise. I wish I could live up to that! Awesome work.
    Had to laugh at the 30 joke and feeling ill. You poor saus. The numbers we turn really do a number on us. It sucks. Hope you had fun though and made a great time of it!!

  5. Hungry days or not, I'm glad that you're getting out of the b-day funk! That workout sounded killer!! :) Good for you for going back after your last experience.