Friday, September 25, 2009

Weight Loss Shows and Me

I have been watching some weight loss shows lately. I am a total sucker for them and drive my fiance nuts because I watch them all the time :).

On a show about obesity on Discovery Health with Dr. Oz, I learned that my waist should be at least half of my height. I have looked this up on different sites today though, and I'm seeing other types of tests for this: for instance, a one size-fits-all approach of 29-30 inches for women. But let's use the Dr. Oz method: I am 5'7, so that is 67 inches. Divided in half, I figured that my waist should be 33.5 inches. I am around 35 inches right now, so I'm getting to that target. Hey, I can always work my way to those other goals after I break through to 33.5.

On another show called "I Lost It!," I heard something that really captured one of the main reasons I had WLS. The woman stated that she was "looking at [her] life from now until [she] die[s] and thinking about how horrible life would have been dealing with those issues of weight loss forever." That is something that I never articulated myself, but it holds true for me too. I have been battling my weight for too long already and don't want to be dealing with it for the rest of my life. What kind of life would that be? There are already so many things out there that we want but can't have...I am so glad that I can have my health!


  1. Those shows can be addictive!

    I second that thought re: why have WLS? For me I just had to think of the mental energy I have devoted to food, weight, weight loss, diet, exercise, feeling guilty, etc etc etc over the years and then think about how thin it got me!

    All that thinking about Wt Ls did nothing. And I knew I wouldn't stop.

    So at least with a band, all that mental energy has a much higher likelihood of success, and who knows, I may even lose some weight while I'm at it :-)

  2. I love the show Big Medicine!!! I have to watch it whenever it is on!! It gets me excited to see those people going thru the same thing that I went thru when I got my band and how their lives changed like ours did.

  3. I also saw that show with Dr. Oz....that your waist should be half your inches in height!!

    I am really glad I found your blog!!

    I am also in FL...West Palm area!

  4. I totally watch all these shows. Lately, it's been the Biggest Loser. I am so emotional this time in relating to how they have to push through the pain and mental aspect of working out. I love to see the after photos and know that one day I will have my own now that I am banded:))) Love your blog!! Bye from cali, all the way over here:))))

  5. Nice to meet you, Pookie! Do you have a blog? I'm a little more northerly--near Pensacola. But it's great to meet a fellow Floridian who watches the WLS shows too! :)

    Mary, I watch that one too! I think I see every show about weight loss that my cable subscription allows. :)

    I like befores and afters too, Michelle. That's one of my favorite things. I love watching people's lives change, inside and out.

    Brooke, EXACTLY! I am with you. I read up then, watched TV before, etc. I probably should have a degree in something health related with all that info I have stored. But to think of all that wasted energy on pondering about my own personal struggle and how doomed for failure I was. I still watch and read, of course, but nowadays I have a lovely little helper that doesn't make my future forecast so dim! :)