Monday, September 14, 2009

No Longer Stoned (Kidney Stoned That Is)

Today was Day 20 of KSH (Kidney Stone Hades). As the days passed, the pain became more intense. At first it was just uncomfortable. Then it began to feel catheterish (like getting catheter after catheter all day long). More recently it was like I had a teensy porcupine burrowing in my urethra. I was thinking about going to the doctor and asking to get this thing blasted out (people with bigger stones have some kind of ultrasonic thing done or have surgical removal) or begging for some meds that were band friendly and that wouldn't knock me out like the really strong stuff I was prescribed--I like to be coherent.

I had already been reading tons of home remedies and incorporated drinking lots of lemonade and had some other items on hand too like grape juice (it is a high-citrate drink that is good for passing KS's apparently). I read about drinking a six pack of Coke and blended asparagus which you mix with your saliva (gee-ross) and an Apple Cidar Vinegar concoction (I bought the apple cidar vinegar too). The crazy remedy I tried this AM (that really could have been the kicker for me since it passed tonight) was drinking two ounces each of extra virgin olive oil and straight lemon juice. The mixture was really disgusting and probably had a day's worth of calories in it. I about threw up at the sink because of its utter nastiness. While I think it was this lovely beverage that did the trick, I was drinking some of my grape juice (light grape juice) for the first time when it passed this evening, so that may have helped it along too.

However it happened, I passed at least part of my fun friend this evening. I am not 100% that there are no fragments left inside because I feel a little sore down there still though I can lie on both sides and don't have the intense pain like before. It could just be that I am swollen from it hanging around my insides for a while (hopefully).

But I think at least most of the danged thing is G-O-N-E! And I am SOOOO happy. I feel like I could revert back to my cheerleader days. I thought it would be there forever; I was so jealous of the people whose came out in one or two weeks (tomorrow/Tuesday night would have been three!). And I don't have to drink any more lemonade. I've never been tired of it before like I am now. Plus, all this lemonade has surely been a weight-loss impediment even though most of it was light. And on the weight front, I've gained a few pounds during this ordeal. I haven't been jogging at all and even stopped walking entirely the last few days because it's been too painful to move.

The bad thing is that preventing kidney stones directly involves one's diet and will take away from band-friendly foods and foods I love. They will examine my stone and tell me what not to eat. But a lot of times the general things to avoid are many types of dairy, meat, beans, chocolate, and even strawberries. There are lots of others though most veggies and fruits seem to be okay. But now I have to try to get even more creative (or limited--argh) with my food options. This is already somewhat difficult with the band alone. Any suggestions?

Oh, just FYI, Mr. Kidney Stone was mean looking when he emerged (he is a mister because guys are meaner than girls as we can all attest :) ). He had spikes on one part and was pointy and jagged and long. Shudder, shudder, and thank goodness I'm free!!!!!

(BTW, I have been on vacation from blogging for a while because of all the KS drama (and some other life events--will catch you up on those later). It has been increasingly hard to concentrate on anything with all this pain! But I hope I'm back now.)


  1. OMG! You should take a picture of it and post it on here. Come on! You would be the only bandster with that on their blog for the day FOR SURE! I am glad most (hopefully all of it) is out!

  2. OOh that sounds HORRIBLE.

    Poor thing. I figured that was why you weren't blogging (who wants to blog when the jagged Mister Kidney Stone is hanging around, hurtin' you!

    Just wondering, but these KS won't come back- this was just a one time thing, right? I seriously hope so. You can't have a normal life with that kind of pain...

    Glad you're back, and that the stone is gone!

  3. Whoa! I can't believe you survived that long! I had one stone 8 years ago. I had the surgery about 3 days after it appeared - and mine was not extra large or anything, they just gave me the option to get it blasted out and I said, have at it! No way would I make it through 3 weeks! Glad it is over for you!

    So the good news is I never had another one (yet!) Hopefully yours will be a one timer!

  4. So glad to hear that at least part of it passed and your pain is lessening!!

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  6. I might try to do that, Amy. My fiance tried to take one of my engagement ring. It is 3/4 carat, but the pic turned out cruddy. Our cameras aren't the best. :)

    Brooke, the doctor (and what I've read) shows a high recurrence rate. Once a KS haver, it's likely you will get another one (unfortunately for me I had a couple other instances of markedly similar pain this year too--I think they were small ones that they didn't catch on a Cat or ultrasound because they had already gone through to the bladder). It's not a foregone conclusion that I will have another one though thankfully. I hope I'm more like Lacey and Gen!!! And life isn't normal with them. That's what I was thinking throughout the entire ordeal. It's hard to concentrate or think at all. :( But at least that particular Mister is gone. Adios!

    Gen, I didn't get that option. Apparently my Grandma had to have that done though (my dad just told me that a few days back--he had two kidney stones himself, which I just found out too, so I guess I get them honest). Did you have a big scar?

    Thank you all for your support and comments! :)