Monday, September 28, 2009

Revving Up the Engine Again and Looking Forward

Although I had been walking my three miles during most of the kidney stone ordeal, I had not been doing my usual jog/walk. But I am getting myself going again and have jogged three times since then. Twice I have jogged at least a mile. Tonight I did 1.32 miles at one time, the most since the KS (and another .75 miles of jogging too). :) The other time (of the three) I attempted jogging, I didn't fare so well. I made the mistake of jogging one day around noon last week and could only get up to a measly 1/4th of a mile. I use the word 'mistake' because it is still blisteringly hot here. I did the remaining miles walking and had to sit down beside the road three times because I was feeling sick and lightheaded. Never have I had to do that previously, not even once. It was so embarrassing! There was some neighbor with a cowboy hat staring at me sitting down on the sidewalk, and it seemed like every car in town came down that road while I was sitting. I am pretty certain the nausea and faint feelings were because of the heat. I have only felt that way twice before when jogging--the 5K day and one other day I jogged around 1-2 pm. I was so glad to make it home that day last week (I was far away when the issues began). At any rate, from here on out, I'm going to try to exercise outdoors in the mornings or evenings in the summers.

Also, I have updated my side-panel with my weight loss (will try to do my ticker soon). I haven't done that in a while. I am down to 168.4 pounds. This is the lowest I've weighed on this journey and is 35 pounds down (exactly). I have a few upcoming weights that are important:

1) 165.4 (three more pounds)--HALF WAY to goal;
2) 163.4 (five more pounds)--FORTY pounds gone;
3) 162ish (six more pounds)--20% of body weight shed;
4) 159 (a little less than ten pounds)--NORMAL range;
5) 153.4 (fifteen more pounds)--FIFTY pounds gone;
6) 152ish (sixteen more pounds)--ONE FOURTH of body weight shed!


  1. Far out.. 168.4.. you are rocking that band, girl! A HUGE congrats.. so excited for you.. I hope this kidney stone thing resolves soon.. ouch! I really feel for you, that sucks!

    (oh yeah.. and I'm finaaaly back, baby!!! And so good to be home.)

  2. Wow, you're probably so used to your successes you don't realize how giant they are. But losing all that weight and getting so fit is inspiring to me and everyone else on here. Especially when you factor in kidney stones.

    I don't exercise well in the heat, either. I always feel like I am two minutes away from heat stroke.

    I am a little jealous tho. Today it's pouring sheets and the temp is around 50. It'll be like that for the next 4 months and then it'll drop to 30-35 for a couple of months. So to think you're still having summer weather is just jealousy inducing :-)

  3. You are doing so great! We definitely have to do a 5K some day!

  4. Yes we do, Lacey. It will be a lot of fun. I do jog really slow though just so you know. :)

    Brooke, you are too sweet. I lived in a more northerly clime for a few years and know some of what you're experiencing...we both need to move to Tennessee or something. They've got good weather all the time, I would guess. That or we could be snow birds and bop around from North to South and back again. :)

  5. You're doing a fantastic job! I know I can't jog a mile LOL That's why I'll have to start practicing if I'm to keep up with you exercise hounds =)