Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You's All Around

Thank you to everyone for all your comments and well wishes. For an update, the stinkin' stone hasn't passed yet. They gave me a lovely strainer to use to catch it. I am terrified every time I go Number 1. Have you guys seen pictures of kidney stones? From the pictures I saw online, they look horrible and super scary--jagged edges, thistlely, pointy, yeeoouucchhh! :( I really shouldn't have looked. Still, I do want it gone because it is very uncomfortable--not as painful since it's in a different part of my system but still very uncomfortable.


  1. I would have looked, too.

    Can't help it.

    Poor Senorita! I hope that sucker passes, and quick!

  2. Sweet mother of all that is holy! That first one looks horrible! I cant believe you have to strain your tinkle! did they give you pain meds? Or and epideral?

    My friends grandma had hers made into a necklace. NO joke!

    I am sorry you have to go through this!

  3. They gave me STRONG pain meds. But I have seen people become addicted to them and really worry. So I only took them the first couple of days.

    That is FREAKING hilarious (and pretty nasty) about the necklace. If I keep laughing like this, it is liable to pop out right now! :) Hey, getting it over with is probably the best thing. The ripping is what scares me.

  4. Ripping. Not a good word when related to anything in close proximity to the lady bits.

  5. Gracious, I hope it passes soon! I never felt my stone actually leave my body, all my pain was from its trip from my kidneys to my bladder.

  6. Yikes... I'm so sorry! BTW - thanks for sharing the pics... amazing! Good luck...

  7. I agree, Brooke!

    Lacey, so far, that has been the worst of it for me too--and from what I understand, that is supposed to be the most prolonged and intense pain during that time. Right now it's just uncomfortable. I think when it descends, it will be sort of like a BandAid--fairly quick when it happens. Mine was 3 MM in size, which is supposed to be small enough to pass on its own. My dad and grandma (I have since learned) have had them too. One of my grandma's had to be blasted to pass, and one of my dad's passed although he never saw another one he had. I feel something though, so I think it will. And I want this uncomfortable feeling (and my anxiety at it coming) to go away!

    Sarah, thank you!