Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Adorable Blog Award

Lacey at gave me The Adorable Blog award.

Rules of the Award
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*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
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Just as a preface, I will probably not be detailing too much of my personal life since I am always worried about people finding out about my blog and my WLS. But it will all be a good recap of what I have posted in the past (plus some) for those folks who are newer followers.

1. I was banded on December 18, 2008.

2. I have been blogging since the summer after being banded.

3. I live in the same neck of the woods as Amy W. at, Mary at, and Melly at Lacey at used to live near us too. I have had the opportunity to meet three of these lovely ladies (Amy W., Mary, and Lacey).

4. My husband and I had a formal wedding last year but were legally married the year before due to my lack of health insurance and kidney stone issues (we were already engaged, so it wasn't a completely mercenary act on my part--LOL! :) ).

5. I have been having problems with my band since January, which resulted in a complete unfill in early February.

6. I am still having heartburn. It's annoying.

7. I have a lot of skinny family members.

8. This week, I mentioned to a CLOSE family member that a girl we both knew was getting gastric bypass. My family member didn't even want to talk about it because a doctor fairly close to the family had expressed that "Getting weight loss surgeries was one of the worst things a person could do." My family member also said that people always gain the weight back. When I tried to explain that there were different kinds of surgeries and different results, the family member stopped me from talking about the subject entirely. This is yet another reason I keep my band to myself.

9. Speaking of which, I have only told two other real-life folks about my band--a friend and my husband. In fact, sometimes I wish I'd have only told my husband just for more peace of mind.

10. On a more positive note, even though the band has been causing me frustrations, I am optimistic about weight loss surgery in general (and the band itself has been great for many people--the proof is in the Blogosphere Pudding). I hope that if things don't work out with my band (I'm giving it my best efforts in remaining unfilled as long as possible and trying to eat things that won't aggravate my condition), I will have the opportunity to undergo another type of WLS in the future.

And again, I nominate all those who want to participate!


  1. I applaud your efforts! Keep your head high!


  2. Ugh, I told a friend, who told her husband, who almost outed me to a mutual friend. Argh! Glad that you are still optimistic of WLS.

  3. I told more people than I should about the band and when I decided to go forward with VSG, I told no one other than my husband, sister and children! I told my neighbor who watched my dog while I was in the hospital for VSG that I had a surgery for a flipped port. I figure this way that will also explain if my weight loss picks up....which it has!

  4. I cannot see the other post you posted today! Very strange. The one with the clerk of the court? I click on it and it brings me here! Very strange.

  5. I keep seeing that you posted something about reviewing court records, but then blogger says that it doesn't exist. What am I missing? If you don't mind, pls respond on my page... I will forget to pop back over here.