Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love My Bandster Friends!

I have had a really rough day. But I'm going to try not to go into all of that right now. I just wanted to say that I took a minute to go over some of your comments to my latest couple of blogs...and it really lifted up my spirits. You guys are so supportive and sweet and lovely. I am so thankful for you all. Even when I have bad days, stressful weeks, or even crazy months, I am so blessed to have this community to come to. I love you all!!!! And I am so thankful for everyone who reads my blog. When things slow down some, I am going to try to add followers to my reading list. I want to support you all like you support me.


  1. Life is crazy, thats for sure....I look forward to seeing more of your posts! How is married life?

  2. These blogs are so amazing! You will get through whatever is bringing you down!

  3. We love you too chickpea. Smooches.